What is Wraparound?

  • Wraparound is most simply stated an evidence-based, strength-based, team-supported planning process to help achieve a highly individualized plan to address an individual’s complex emotional and behavioral needs.
  • Wraparound is a teaching and coaching model with a purpose – We Do For, We Do With and We Cheer On!
  • If we ask one question, it is What do you need to have a better life?
  • Wraparound requires a Whatever It Takes Approach with out of the box thinking supported.
  • Wraparound works with the individual to build a team of natural and formal supports to help them reach their goals and vision to have a better life.

Wraparound Principles

  • Voice and Choice (Nothing about me, without me!)
  • Team-based support
  • Natural Supports
  • Collaboration and Integration (One plan, one person/family)
  • Community-based
  • Culturally Competent
  • Individualized
  • Strength-based
  • Persistence/Unconditional Care (We never give up!)
  • Outcome-based

Wraparound Process

  • The Wraparound process aims to achieve positive outcomes by providing a structured, creative and individualized team planning process that, compared to traditional service planning, results in plans that are more effective and more relevant to the individual.
  • Plans are individualized based on persons unique culture and include non-traditional interventions and supports (i.e. recreational activities, faith-based supports, peer support, etc.).
  • There are four phases in Wraparound – Engagement, Planning, Implementation and Transition. Each phase includes significant activities and events focused on a goal towards purposeful transition.
    • During Engagement a key activity is the Wraparound assessment which focuses on evaluating the individual and families’ strengths, needs, vision, and culture discovery. Compared to a traditional brokerage case management assessment, it is a more open discovery (like having a coffee chat) with each individual/family’s declaration of their own strengths and needs based on their beliefs, religion or culture, as defined by them across their life domains. This is a comprehensive assessment that tells their story and allows for their voice to be heard.
    • When a Wraparound plan is developed, the individual and family’s voice and decisions are integral in what is created. Plans fail, people don’t, so when goals are not being achieved, teams reconvene to modify the plan.
    • Crisis planning is done proactively with individuals/families input and with a goal to help the individual become aware as to what happens before a crisis and to learn to manage their own crises over time with appropriate supports.
    • Ultimately, we work to plan a purposeful transition out of formal services in a way that is consistent with Wraparound principles, and that supports the individual and family in maintaining the positive outcomes achieved. We work with the individual and their team to develop a strength-based transition plan that will be their road map to future success.
  • In Wraparound, we celebrate successes! No matter how large or small.


Building Sustainability through Training, Coaching and Other Efforts

  • SEFBHN supports Wraparound efforts by identifying the Wraparound training needs of our providers and system partners and then coordinating those trainings to ensure individuals are properly trained on the Wraparound process and have the tools necessary to ensure fidelity of the model.
  • SEFBHN offers a variety of Wraparound trainings including –
    • Introduction to Wraparound
    • Wraparound for Clinicians
    • A Twenty-four-hour Wraparound 101 training for staff going toward Wraparound and Florida Certification Board certification.
    • Coaches workshops for staff who are in process of becoming an internal coach to their agency.
  • SEFBHN supports Wraparound efforts at the organizational level by offering Wraparound coaching and technical assistance to providers on the Wraparound process to support implementation of the Wraparound process and to monitor fidelity of the model.
  • Wraparound Toolkits – The Wraparound Toolkits are available that offer various information and resources to support or enhance provider agency and community Wraparound implementation efforts. The following toolkits are available through our website.
Wraparound Champions
Wraparound Organizational
(Provider) Toolkit
Wraparound Systems
(Managing Entity)
Wraparound Training

Wraparound Learning Communities

SEFBHN staff host Wraparound Learning Communities to provide a venue for both provider network and non-network agencies who are implementing the practice of Wraparound to collaborate, share information, exchange resources and support each other in the successful implementation and sustainability of High Fidelity Wraparound throughout the community.


Supervisors’ System Meetings

In both Circuits 15 and 19, SEFBHN staff co-host with each of our Community Based Care Agencies, a Supervisors’ System Meeting that brings behavioral health providers together with system partners and a goal to inform, create and improve relationships, help remove barriers for families and share information collaboratively. Ideas and thoughts as to how to improve our Children’s System of Care are welcomed.

As a result of these collaborations, Behavioral Health Resource Fairs have been arranged for the community as educational opportunities for system partner staff, behavioral health provider staff and others who need help accessing or navigating behavioral health system for youth and families.


Wraparound Steering Committee

SEFBHN convenes a Wraparound Steering Committee, as needed that focuses on guiding the Wraparound implementation process in our region. The Steering Committee comes together to identify Wraparound needs in our region and then works together to develop solutions to overcome challenges to Wraparound implementation to better support our region.


Continuous Quality Improvement and Fidelity Efforts

  • SEFBHN randomly validates Wraparound providers quarterly through observation (on-site, in the community or audio/video) and/or documentation review for skill set proficiency/ inter-rater reliability using the customized and standardized coaching/fidelity tools for Florida. This ensures model fidelity – to principles and activities in each phase.
  • SEFBHN staff provide technical assistance, as needed, to agencies when they request assistance on coaching skill sets and/or interrater reliability activities.
  • We support Wraparound providers via Wraparound Learning Community activities. We have two circuit-wide learning communities currently and they meet together quarterly.
  • We guide and set standards via Wraparound Steering Committee activities. Historically, we use this group to help establish annual goals for this initiative and brainstorm Wraparound specific system issue standards.
  • SEFBHN tracks training to certification data for facilitators and coaches.
  • Our staff maintain skills and practice by attending, assisting with and or providing Wraparound trainings. Staff are certified Coaches and Trainers. We collaborate and partner with other Wraparound experts around Florida.
  • SEFBHN and our designees coach agencies towards certification.
  • We obtain, maintain and do second level reviews of documentation for Wraparound certifications. Maintain the logs and numbers of facilitator and coach certifications in our region.
  • SEFBHN maintains logs of all monthly reporting. We require a monthly output/outcome reporting forms and it includes numbers of natural supports to determine baseline and progress activity.
  • We gather and maintain logs of all quarterly reporting for Team Satisfaction Surveys. We have translated in Spanish and Creole, as well. Each team member is expected to complete.
  • SEFBHN routinely reports out outputs/outcomes to our Continuous Quality Improvement (a sub-committee of our System of Care committee, designated by our Board of Directors), provide activities related to needs we find across our provider network - for theirs staff to bring back to their respective organizations and we share data with this group.
  • As part of our contract validation process, we include a Wraparound validation at least once every 3 years, or as needed, dependent on risk assessed or previous findings.

If you have any questions about our Wraparound Initiative, please contact our Director of Children’s System of Care at 561-203-2485 or Jill_Sorensen@sefbhn.org.